Wayne Grudem is a famous and infamous theologian. His seminal work “Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine”is required reading for many theology students. I trudged my way through it last year, when I was forced to read it for an internship. Of the full version Systematics text books I have read (fully or partially),…Continue Reading “Grudem against Grudem (or the morality of Donald Trump)”


Another week and another selection of great posts, an app that will make a bookworm squirm, and something to laugh about. 15 Sadly Hilarious Christian Breakup Lines After spending four years at Bridal  Bible College, I have heard stories of lines like these being used. Any personal favourites? Good Hard Theological Reading I have Barth’s…Continue Reading “Weekly Wanderings: October 26-November 1”


I recently came across an article by Jonathan Merritt called “Setting the record straight on Jesus, ‘the friend of sinners’” and found it interesting. Since we are in the technological age, I started following him on twitter and got an unexpected follow back.  I noticed he had just published the book Jesus is Better than…Continue Reading “Book Review- Jesus is Better than You Imagined”


Two events happened yesterday that got me thinking. First, a few hours ago Super Bowl XLVIII was decided when the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos. The Seahawks’ players have reached the summit; they have achieved the most they can achieve in football. They will be “immortalized” as Super Bowl Champions, something for which they…Continue Reading “Fleeting”